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Essaouira is situated on the Atlantic coast and this port city is famous for its delicious seafood, laid-back feel and silver. The city has a large number of cultural and natural sites to explore and enjoy. The city is multicultural with various ethnic groups coexisting, such as the Amazigh, Arabs, Africans and Europeans and with Muslim, Christian and Jewish populations. It was previously known as Mogador (from the Phoenician meaning 'small fortress' ) and this mid-eighteenth century fortified city built with European military architecture is surrounded by a Vauban-style walls. This port played a large role in international trade leading between Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa to Europe and to rest of the world. It was the work of the Alawite Sultan Sidi Mohammed ben Abdallah (1757-1790) who wanted to make Essaouira an influential port and capital of Moroccan trade with the outside world.

Our 1 day plan:

Your day trip to Essaouira or the windy city starts at 08:00 from your accommodation in Marrakech. Departing from Marrakech,start the road to Essaouira by crossing a route full of landscapes and Argan trees, you will see goats climbing up and down the Argan trees. Essaouira or Mogador situated on the Atlantic coast, and it’s famous by its beach and a spirit of Gnawa music. Arriving Essaouira you have free time to discover the spectacular sightseeing of Essaouira. Afternoon take the road back to Marrakech.

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